Small Town Charm, The Grand Canyon & a House that Rock Built…

Small Town Charm, The Grand Canyon & a House that Rock Built…

I was hoping to get this posted yesterday, but between returning to work, going to school and a vet appointment for my cat there was no way it was happening!!

We are back from our long weekend of touring on the motorcycles and we had a fabulous time!  The weather was amazing and so were the sites and destinations.  Our favourite ride day was Saturday winding our way along some pretty back roads with nice curves and travelling through several quaint towns.  Forgive us, but we are constantly amazed that this older world charm still exists in some of these small towns across America and we love it!!  Canada just doesn’t seem to have the same thing anywhere.  As we pulled into Wellsboro, PA we realized that this would not be our last visit.  The small town charm was evident everywhere you looked…..from an old style movie theatre, to a classic diner, to the street lights around town that are still gas!  It was a beautiful little town that we are sure to return to.

Wellsboro is also home to a “mini grand canyon”.

When we left Wellsboro we headed to Cleveland and arrived there after spending 9 hours on the bikes…..we were ready for a break!  Sunday we headed downtown and did our best to navigate around all the road closures due to a marathon.  Not so easy in a place you’ve never been!  Finally we arrived at our destination…..the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  The building itself is quite interesting and impressive.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time there, my only disappointment being that no pictures are allowed.  We even bought tickets to the U2 3D movie they had showing, which was a concert from Buenos Aires and we loved it.  Monday finally arrived and we regrettably started our route home, with a brief stop to visit dear friends along the way.

Can’t wait for another time to do it all over again!!

  • FUN!! Don’t you love overnight motorcycle trips? It looks like the weather cooperated for you too.

    Great pictures. I love the one of the mini Grand Canyon, such a vibrant green.

    May 23, 2012 at 8:35 pm
    • LOVE overnight motorcycle trips!! The only rain we had was while we were stopped for our visit with friends and then the skies cleared for the rest of the ride home….couldn’t ask for better weather!

      May 23, 2012 at 8:51 pm

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